Auto Fold Power Folding Towing Mirrors

If you would like to enable the auto folding mirror function on a vehicle equipped with towing mirrors (the mirrors slide in and out, normally found on Super Duty trucks), you will need to make some minor wiring changes. Without these changes, the mirrors will not fold IN when UNLOCKED and fold out when LOCKED - the opposite of what they should do. Inside the front drivers and passenger doors, you need to reverse pins 18 & 19 on the mirror connectors. Instructions below:

Accessing the connector(s)

(Drivers side shown, passenger side similar)

Step 1:Remove the sill trim panel by hand

Disconnect the mirror connector by depressing the retention tab.

Swap the positions of pins 18 & 19 highlighted in red below. The wire colors may vary by vehicle and WILL vary from the drivers side to the passenger side. Typically the drivers side are Violet/Brown & Green/Violet. The passenger side wires are typically Brown & White/Orange.

After you have completed swapping the pins, cycle the mirrors in and out several times using the button on the door to "syncronize" them.

Swapping the pins

Step 1: Insert a small screwdriver, or service tool (max width = 2.0 mm) into the designated pry point shown below.

Step 2: Using the housing as a pivot point gently push out on the red terminal cover until it is removed from the connector housing. Pry on both ends if required.

Terminal Cover Removed

Step 3: Disengage the terminal lock finger by moving it towards the outside wall of the connector. Once the Lock finger is disengaged, gently pull on the wire to release the terminal. If the terminal resists, the service tool may not be fully engaged in the finger lock. Gently push the service tool further into the terminal lock finger to ensure that it has fully disengaged. Do not insert the service tool into the terminal opening! Do not use excessive force, excessive force can damage the lock finger!