Radio station not updating on screen

Some 2013-2014 C-Max, Fiesta, Fusion and Transit vehicles may not properly update the radio station on the screen in addition to other ACM related issues. This is a well known issue - see SSM issued by Ford Motor Company below:

SSM 44606 - 2013-2014 C-MAX, Focus and 2014 Fiesta, Transit Connect - Several Radio Issues

Some 2013-2014 C-MAX, Focus and 2014 Fiesta, Transit Connect vehicles may exhibit one or more of the following concerns: AM/FM/Sirius radio display does not update when changing stations using presets or frequency selector, during CD operation the track info is blank and no information available, FM mode Autostore does not store stations in numerical order, and/or following a vehicle start-up theradio cannot be heard until the radio on/off is cycled, volume level is adjusted or the radio station is changed. To correct these conditions reprogram the Audio Control Module (ACM) to the latest calibration using IDS release 90.04 and higher. Calibration files may also be obtained at For warrantyclaiming use causal part 19C107, and use applicable 12651D labor operations in SLTS manual Section 10 for the vehicle.