2019+ Mustang & F-150 USB Hub Lighting

Below is the SSM from Ford regarding the USB hub lighting changes to the 2019+ F Series pickup trucks and 2019+ Mustang. Although the USB hub looks the same as the previous year, the newer part does not have the LED's to light up the rings around the USB ports. Our kits include lit USB hubs and existing hubs can be updated to lit hubs by purchasing a replacement from our website.

SSM 48462 -  2019-2020 Mustang/F-150, 2020 Transit - USB Ports No Longer Illuminated 
2019-2020 Mustang/F-150 and 2020 Transit vehicles no longer have illumination around the USB ports within the media hub. The lack of illumination around the USB ports is not a defect or fault and the replacement of any parts would not be considered a warrantable repair. Do not submit a claim for this condition.