I purchased a CANopener Flash programmer and it flashes red - whats wrong?

The CANopener Flash programmer will flash BLUE while programming and then either present a GREEN or RED light.

  • GREEN indicates programming was successful
  • RED indicates an error

If the light is RED, it will either be solid RED (not Flashing) or it will be flashing a two digit error code.

  • Solid RED indicates that it is locked to a different vehicle.
  • Flashing Red will be a two digit error code (first digit will always be "2").
  • If the error code is "23" then remove the CANopener and re-insert. Please be aware, the connectors are a tight fit and require a fair amount of force to fully insert. Push hard and wiggle it a tad to get it to fully seat.
  • If you repeatedly get and error "23" or any other error code, please contact us and provide the error code along with the handwritten number on the CANopeners label.