Why can't I upgrade my SYNC 3 to version 3.x?

Ford currently has three different "series" (software trains) of SYNC 3:

  • SYNC 3 version 1.0 thru 3.0
  • SYNC 3 version 3.2 thru 3.3
  • SYNC 3 version 3.4+

Although numbered in a similar way, these different version groups are treated as separate releases and will continue to receive updates (where the build number at the end of the version number will change). Example: as of this writing, version 3.0 has the most recent update from Ford.  

Everyone wants the "latest and greatest" and normally the highest version number is an indicator of this. Unfortunately , this is not necessarily the case with SYNC 3. Each software train was built with a specific vehicle subset in mind. All of our kits ship with the latest, appropriate version of SYNC 3 for your particular vehicle.