Audio / Phone call issues

On a phone call, the remote party can hear me, but I can't hear them.

If you cant hear the person on the far end of the phone call or voice prompts, but the radio and CD player audio is fine, then the ACM (Audio Control Module) is not programmed properly. Run the included programmer to resolve this issue. If the Bluetooth audio also does not work the check all of the connections on the included harness. One may be loose or not plugged in.

The touchscreen works, but I do not have any audio, including "beeps" when I touch the screen

This means there is an issue with the ACM (Audio Control Module) - a silver box, typically below the touchscreen with the CD slot. In vehicles with a premium sound package, it may also be the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which is the amplifier.

I get the error message "Entertainment Unavailable" / Nothing happens when I touch the audio sources button

This means that the touchscreen has lost communication with the ACM (Audio Control Module) and in most cases is either a loose connection or failed ACM.