2019 SYNC 3 Navigation Voice Prompt Issues

Ford has reported the following SSM concerning voice prompts as of 6/24/2020.  This may also affect retrofit systems using similar/same hardware or software.

SSM 48935 - 2019 Various Vehicles - Audio Voice Prompt Concerns While Providing Directions
Some 2019 F-150/Ranger/Continental/Edge/Nautilus/Mustang/Fusion/MKZ vehicles may experience voice prompts that skip or have short pauses while directions are being provided. Engineering is currently working on a solution for this condition. Please inform customers that Ford is developing a software fix that is expected in early August. In the interim, let the customer know they can continue to drive the vehicle and schedule a follow-up appointment with the customer for earlyAugust 2020. Once the update becomes available, contact the customer and confirm the service appointment is going forward.