Volume control issue while Apple CarPlay is connected

The following SSM was released by Ford on 6/17/2020 concerning lack of volume control while Apple CarPlay is connected.  

SSM 48908 - 2016-2020 Various Ford And Lincoln Vehicles - Sync 3 Touchscreen – Volume Control Unresponsive When Using Apple Car Play
Some 2016-2020 Ford and Lincoln vehicles equipped with a SYNC 3 Touchscreen may experience the volume control unresponsive from the Front Control Interface Module (FCIM) and steering volume controls when using Apple Car Play. When the Apple device is removed, volume control is restored. This is due to a concern with the Waze Navigation App software and Apple iOS version. To correct the condition,update the Waze App software and iOS to the latest version available and reboot the customer's Apple device. Perform an ignition cycle and reconnect the Apple device via USB. Open Apple Car Play and confirm volume control is restored.