My auto folding mirrors are not working

If you purchased and ran our Auto folding mirror programmer but the mirrors aren't working as you expected, review the following.

Did the programmer flash blue and turn green?  This means the programmer did successfully run.   The modules in the vehicle are looking for a certain sequence.  Try driving the vehicle a short distance, getting out, closing the door and hitting lock using the vehicle like you normally would. 

Did you run the programmer multiple times?   The programmer toggles the feature each time you run it.  You may be on the wrong side of the toggle.  I you've done a normal drive cycle and they are not working, run the programmer one more time and try again.

Do you have telescoping towing mirrors?  Be sure to following the door connector re-pinning process found in the related article below.  Although the expected behavior of the mirrors would be to function in reverse of what they should before repinning, they may not operate at all since the mirrors are in an unexpected position in the cycle.